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This page contains answers to commonly asked questions handle by our support staff.

Q1. Which web browsers are compatible with CCS?
CCS is tested to be supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+, Netscape Communicator 4+*, Mozilla (included Firefox 1.0+) and Opera on Windows and iMac systems. No java or any other plug-in are required.

* As of January 2008, CCS will no longer support Netscape (<6) browsers, click here for more detail.

Q2. How do I customize the online and request chat notification?
To customize your online and request chat notification, rename your .wav file to online.wav and request.wav respectively and saved them in your default CCS directory.

Q3. How do I display image during the chat session?
CCS Chat Window is HTML enabled. To display an image on the visitor's Chat Window, use the the HTML code for display images. i.e.<img src="LINK_OF_THE_IMAGE">

Q4. How do I customize CCS to my own language?
All text and images in the Visitor Chat Window can be customized accordingly to your own personal preference. To change it to your own language, enter the message in your language in those text boxes in Admin -> Manage Account... -> Layout -> Messages.
For buttons and banner, create buttons in your language and replace the default buttons given in Admin -> Manage Account... -> Layout -> Chat Layout.
For more information, please see User Guide.

Q5. How much does CCS cost?
You can set up a CCS account for FREE for 10 days. After the Trial Account expires, you can continue the service for as low as 17.95/month if paid annually. Please see the Pricing page for more details.

Q6. How do I cancel the CCS service?
Within your trial period, you can simply remove CCS from your website if it does not satisfy your needs.
For Ultra Account customers, you can send us an email at to cancel your service.

Q7. I just paid for the Utlra service, what do I have to do now?
You should have received a Confirmation Email sent to the email address you provided us. Follow the instructions in the email for how to setup CCS on your website.

Q8. I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you are not the default operator (i.e. the person who signed up the CCS account), please contact your default operator to change your password.
If you are the default operator, please go to the Request for Admin Password page under Support to obtain a new password.

Q9. How do I customize the chat button?
To customize your Chat Button, go to Admin -> Manage Account... -> Layout -> Chat Button and change the link to the button of your choice.
For more information, please see User Guide.

Q10. Is there any difference between the Trial and Ultra version?
No, you will be receiving the same service for both the Trial and the Ultra account, except that the Trial account expires 10 days after registration.

Q11. How to proactively chat with my site visitors?
In the visitor's list in the CCS operator, right-click on the visitor you want to chat with and select Request Chat. When the status of the visitor changes to Requesting..., double-click on the visitor to accept and start the chat.

Q12. Can I customize the form the visitors see when they click on the Chat Button while no operator is online?
Yes, you can create your own form, and then go to
Admin -> Manage Account... -> Layout -> No Operator Action.
Select Show Customized HTML Page and then enter the URL of the page used to replace the default email form. For more information, please see User Guide.

Q13. Can I place the Chat Button as my email signature ?
Yes, as long as your email client support HTML format.

Q14. Can I place the Chat Button on my https/SSL pages ?
Yes, specific code can be obtained by simply select the https/SSL option from the drop down box on the code generation page

Q15. Does the Chat Button work on ebay or other auction pages ?
Yes. Follow the instructions in Admin -> Get HTML Code -> Chat Button Only.

Q16. What are the system requirements for using the CCS Operator?
For operating system, CSS Operator runs on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/2003/XP/Vista. It will work well on any Internet connection at 28.8 K or faster.

Q17. How can I change my credit card(billing) information with Click Chat Sold?
Since we use as our payment gateway, you will need to email for credit card information changes. Our payment department will reply you with an email that contains a link to update your CC information on

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